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Sunday, January 9, 2011

You can also become Crorepati by investing wisely

We would be lying if we say that we have never dreamt of becoming rich, owning a big house, a big car, a lavish lifestyle. In short, living life, king size, like a Crorepati.

Why not turn this dream into a reality?

Just as little droplets of water make an ocean, similarly regular savings invested prudently can help you accumulate a large corpus, equivalent to crores over time. Accumulating crores may not be easy but with the fast growing Indian Economy and with the per capita incomes on a rise, this dream is not far fetched.

The simplest and the most convenient mode of investing to be a Crorepati, is to start by investing the monthly savings across the available investment avenues. This is termed as the Systematic Investment Planning Route.

As you save and invest a particular amount, month after month, you tend to benefit from the Power of Compounding and the savings grow at a magnificent rate as the time elapses. For example, Rs.5000 saved monthly can grow up to Rs.4 lacs in 5 years, Rs.10 lacs in 10 years, Rs.20 lacs in 13 years and Rs.1cr in around 23 years, assuming a return of 15%.

While this may seem apparently simple, but if you think deep, a lot of questions may crop up in your mind. Questions like how much amount should one save, for how much time, in what avenues, the actual return may or may not align with the expectations etc. Even though this approach is simple, following it religiously and reaping its benefits will be doubtful in the absence of a sound and research-backed advice.

When it comes to your finances, Financial Planning is imperative, so as to not leave any aspect of our Financial Life untouched.

Plan Now, before it is too late!

Open Trading and DMAT account with us and become Crorepati by wise investment methods.

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