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Friday, December 17, 2010


This article came in news paper Times Property dated 17-12-2010

 You can avail a home improvement loan to complete all those pending repairs, says Kavita Sriram

    Some homes may require urgent repairs. Homeowners need not wait indefinitely till they can augment enough money towards revamping their house. Banks lend money not only to buy a property but also for any home improvement project you may undertake.
    The process of renovating or making additions to your house is home improvement. It includes painting, flooring, upgrading cabinets and wardrobe, expanding capacity of electrical and plumbing systems, and roofing. Some people may want to add a room or convert an unused corner to a living space. Home improvement loans are meant to finance these activities that could cost anywhere from a couple of lakhs to around Rs 10 lakhs.
    Technological additions like installing security systems, fire prevention gadgets, water recycling units and rain water harvesting systems are expensive. Homeowners can also use the home improvement loan amount to buy home electronics like microwave oven, washing machine, hobs, kitchen chimney and air conditioners. This loan enables homeowners to concentrate on home improvement, free from the fret
ters of financial limitations.
    Homeowners with a stable income over the last couple of years and a minimum age of 21 years are eligible for this loan. Most lenders limit the repayment period to 10 years. If you have a home loan already, applying for the new loan with the existing lender may be a good idea. This could make the loan process less cumbersome with minimal paperwork.
    Most lenders expect margin money (down payment) to the tune of 20 percent of the cost of home improvement project.
    The financial estimate can be made by an architect or may be based on the cost of gadgets you would like to purchase. Estimated cost of home improvement project includes
cost of repairing, renovation or extension. Before applying for a loan, try to raise funds to meet the down payment.
    Some banks finance the entire project cost for their existing customers with impressive repayment track record. Consider availing home improvement loan if you have pending internal and external repairs and other structural improvements to your home.

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